how it works

Many firms offer onboarding which helps, but Hansen Back focuses on integration with specific emphasis on how key relationships are formed.  

We foster vital communication and dialog through customized solutions, thus allowing the new executive and the new team to gain familiarity, comfort, and a real human connection with each other. 

Our integration consulting assists the new executive in getting to know the individuals they will be working with and vice versa whether those people are direct reports, peers, senior leadership team, or all of the above.  This approach dramatically reduces the risk of an early relationship stumble which can undermine credibility and establish a negative trajectory for your new executive - one that can be very difficult to overcome.


It's all about relationship. period.

Our executive search focuses on relationship facilitation.  We believe that the employee / employer relationship, when properly formed, is the key to a successful hire.  Like the formation of all relationships, mutuality between the participants is imperative.  As part of our strategy, we teach you how to enter into this approach in a transparent manner that will undoubtedly attract the very best talent!

Hansen Back considers itself a partner in your executive search.  We work with you to develop the most effective recruitment strategy for your unique needs and requirements; however, the basic framework looks like this:

All retained search firms complete a discovery process in order for the respective firms to learn as much as possible about their prospective clients.  At Hansen Back, Inc. we can take this learning to a deeper level by utilizing Tiffany's 15+ years of organizational development and design work to tailor a dynamic front end consulting solution for our clients.  This deeper dive may consist of strategies such as:

  • Executive team training/leadership development
  • Succession planning
  • Executive coaching*

An enhanced discovery process creates transparency and understanding as to team and/or individual strengths and gaps that may have been unknown, even to the organization.  It also creates transparency and common knowledge by which the existing executive team is able to better identify, evaluate, and share the opportunity, need, and expectations of the organization.

A deeper dive also equips us with the vital information to help us find the right leader to enhance a strength,  bolster a weakness, fill a gap, and ultimately bring the right impact to the organization.